You are currently viewing adidas assessment | assessment of adidas summer season clothes and lively put on for an athleisure life-style

adidas assessment | assessment of adidas summer season clothes and lively put on for an athleisure life-style

Summer weather has arrived, and with it a range of activities challenging our athleticism as well as the hustle of everyday life.

while you run errands, marathons, and finally crash back at home, check out this adidas review of some pieces I’ve tried and found to be core elements of an active summer lifestyle.  

Easy, sophisticated shorts for everyday 

Made with good quality materials, expert fitting, practical pockets and essential styling – adidas women’s shorts can easily become a summer wardrobe staple. From everyday tasks at home, working outdoors, or leisure activities such as biking, hiking or running errands – these are the kind of pieces you will rewear day after day.

They also have a style for everyone, with a range of sweat shorts,  athletic shorts and biker shorts, so you can find the best style for your lifestyle. 

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After accepting a collaboration with adidas for the season, I selected a range of shorts which I’ve since been wearing almost on the daily.

It feels good to have some quality basics that not only work with my lifestyle, but feel good for the wear as well. 

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Comfy coordinated loungewear 

Or, you can mix and match opposing or similar colors for a mix of effortless looks that can go from sleepwear to a feel-good stylish at home looks that are pulled together enough you can even wear them out for errands, lunch or other activities.

The sweat shorts and pullovers in coordinating colors work great to transition from being comfy at home into last minute grocery or supply runs,

quick lunch or other less planned activities that pop up where you still want to feel pulled together, but can’t be bothered with the time to make a wardrobe change. That’s life on the regular in my home, and I usually pair with a fitted tank layered underneath for a look that also defies unpredictable weather. 

Fitted athletic wear for an active lifestyle  

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Plus, there’s nothing like a bit of a tight fit for a little extra motivation to invest your body full force with your activities.

If you want to bring out your inner Spartan this summer, adidas athletic wear can equip you for putting your body to the test while keeping you comfortable and cool while you work up that sweat. 

Embracing a more active lifestyle this summer? I hope this adidas review helps you decide if these are the functional athleisure essentials you’ve been looking for.

And no matter your attire, may you put your best into all you do this season and every season. 

In accordance with the FTC regulations for Influencers, this post was made in collaboration with adidas. All thoughts, comments and musings are made of my own opinion and honest, personal experience with the products reviewed or mentioned. I hope you’ve found this post informational and inspiring!

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