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Ffern’s Spring 24 Assessment – Tiffany Wanders

Ffern is the first perfume subscription I’ve tried here in the UK. It costs £89 and is delivered every new season. Every time my box arrives, I’m so excited to open and try it on as I love perfumes. This post only means one thing, the spring perfume has been delivered! Let’s get on with the review.

Last month’s main note was Rose. And for the spring perfume, it’s all about Rhubarb. As far as I’m aware, this vegetable is not common in the Philippines. I’ve only come across of this vegetable here in the UK. My very first Rhubarb taste was when someone bought me a Rhubarb gin and that was lovely.

Going back to the perfume review, the box arrived with the usual accessories:

  • Limited Edition Perfume
  • Sample vial to try. In case you didn’t like the perfume, the customer can return the full bottle.
  • Sampling Mouillettes (2x)
  • An original artwork poster fit for the season
  • Handmade terracota diffusion stone
  • Special item for this season – Rhubarb Seeds

When I tried the sample perfume, it was refreshing! My first thought was spring season has arrived. If you’re not familiar of the smell of Rhubarb, it is a sweet ‘mellow’ scent with a little bit hint of crisp green apple. The perfume was not too strong or too light, in my opinion.

Unfortunately, similar to the Winter 24 perfume, the Spring 24 doesn’t have long-lasting power. However, I think it’s still better than Winter 24 by a few more hours. After around 8 hours, it still had a very faint scent left. I wish they could improve this as most women like longer-lasting perfume.

As for the Rhubarb seeds, when the weather starts to get better, I will plant them in one of my pots. I’ve never planted a Rhubarb before, so that will be interesting. I’m not sure how I’m going to cook this, but if you know any good recipes, drop a comment below.

Do I still recommend Ffern? Of course! I love the Spring perfume! Only reasons I can think of why you should not go ahead are the cost of the subscription and the perfume’s lasting power wasn’t great. The Spring 24 is much better than Winter 24 though. Other than that, I still think Ffern is worth a try.

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