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Life These days: 2024 Spring Reflections

“For behold, the winter is past; the rain is over and gone. The flowers appear on the earth, the time of singing has come, and the voice of the turtledove is heard in our land.” —Song of Solomon 2:11-12

Spring is in full force here in Texas. Cooler weather, rainy days, and so many colorful flowers are everywhere! Spring is a time to slow down.

However, I feel like spring is rushing me this year as it’s already May!

Not that I’m counting down the days until summer because I truly do not like incredibly hot weather, but spring will end in a month and a half and I feel like this season has just begun!

Plants and flowers are in full bloom, squirrels are about and about, and the birds? Well, let’s just say that they’re my alarm clocks this year.

Although we’re nearly at the end of spring, I’ve been soaking up every single moment because what a season it’s been for me!

Life Lately - 2024 Spring Reflections - She Sweats Diamonds - 2024 solar eclipse skies in Dallas, TX

That said, before I welcome summer soon, I wanted to share some 2024 spring reflections and life updates.



This past weekend, I went to the movie theatre for the first time in five years! I know, right? I went to see Unsung Hero and guys, it is SO good! The actors were so phenomenal!

Life Lately - 2024 Spring Reflections - She Sweats Diamonds - Unsung Hero movie ticket

I also recently finished Midsomer Murders a few weeks ago so I am all caught up now.

As always, I resort to reruns like The Mummy (1 and 2 – Brendan Fraser is my fave!), The Simpsons (early seasons only), and the animated series of Avatar the Last Airbender when I’m working Fashion Month/blogging.

I also plan to watching a bit of Netflix docs like Quiet on Set (which I know will be hard), Testament: The Story of Moses, and Alexander: The Making of a God.

Living in Dallas, I also got to watch the solar eclipse last month and it was nothing short of spectacular!

Life Lately - 2024 Spring Reflections - She Sweats Diamonds - 2024 solar eclipse in Dallas, TX

Life Lately - 2024 Spring Reflections - She Sweats Diamonds - 2024 solar eclipse reflections in Dallas, TX


This spring, I intentionally chose not to read any books. However, that doesn’t mean I didn’t order any, ha!

I just received Ceremony by Brianna Wiest in the mail and also pre-ordered one of my favorite bakers, Betül Tunç’s new cookbook, that I cannot wait to receive this fall!


Does enjoying a staycation count as playing? If not, I haven’t been playing anything except catching up on sleep this spring season.


Food-wise, I’ve been watching what I eat a lot more after my staycation with my besties back in March. I’ve cut out a ton of processed foods and am about to cut out carbs, mostly bread, soon.

Below are just some snippets of what my girlfriends and I enjoyed on our staycation (more on this soon)!

I’ve also been drinking a lot of sparkling water, having coffee here and there, and taking my magnesium per usual so I can sleep better. I’ve also been taking vitamin D (magnesium doesn’t work without this vitamin) too. If you’re interested, this link saves you $10!

Life Lately - 2024 Spring Reflections - She Sweats Diamonds - Blueberry lemon ricotta pancakes at Dolce Riviera restaurant in Dallas

Life Lately - 2024 Spring Reflections - She Sweats Diamonds - dessert and drinks at Crown Block Restaurant in Dallas

Life Lately - 2024 Spring Reflections - She Sweats Diamonds - drinks at The Henry with girlfriends

Life Lately - 2024 Spring Reflections - She Sweats Diamonds - White Rhino Coffee - Dallas coffee shop


Since I work from home, I’m still living in my The Bar sweatshirts and pajama shorts. On weekends, I rotate my favorite AG jeans and of course, APLs. VERY heavily.

I have been wearing this sneaker style below a lot lately, including for my 5K run last month!

Life Lately - 2024 Spring Reflections - She Sweats Diamonds - pink APL zipline sneakers


I broke my financial freeze this past March and April to get a few beauty things and replenish my sneaker collection since I wore out several pairs when I trained every weekend for my 5K since February.

These black and white APL Nostalgia sneakers were pricey, but I had some money left on a store credit so I ended up pulling the trigger. I also realized I needed a fashion sneaker to wear on weekends to give my running shoes a break so I opted for these since everyone has the Adidas style.

Life Lately - 2024 Spring Reflections - She Sweats Diamonds - black and white APL Nostalgia sneakers

Life Lately - 2024 Spring Reflections - She Sweats Diamonds - Refy setting powder - Hourglass setting powder - Ilia setting powder


This season, during Fashion Month, I listened to Lords of Corruption on repeat like I never have before!

I’m still listening to Christian influencer, Kevin (sorry, I don’t have his last name). The way he covers pop culture, current world news, and phenomenons (like a certain wildly popular singer that I refuse to mention in name) and how everything that’s happening is a spiritual battle we’re experiencing. I’ve learned a TON from him and he has opened my eyes in various ways I never expected.

I’m still thoroughly enjoying House in Habit, Conservative Ant, and The Girl Named Blake for political news/events. Between these three, it’s a riot! And trust me when I say that they’re the only way I’ll get through this election year, lol!

To keep things light, I watch/listen to Linda Dong (she’s hilarious and has no shame to do what it takes to get her content done, haha!) and Tubby Nugget, the cutest cartoon comic on Instagram!

As usual, when I can, I listen to Charisma on Command and Minority Mindset on YouTube and podcasts such as The Burn Podcast, The ItFactor Show, Huberman Lab, Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast, and School of Greatness in between the cracks of my time.

Also, I had planned on starting on Blurry Creatures ever since this past fall, but have not had the chance yet!


With the exception of being in the early stages of thinking about home ownership, I’m not planning anything per se.

However, I am still being more intentional with my time. This year, I have said yes to hanging out with friends and going to social events, saying yes to spending more time with my mom, and yes to focusing on my health.


Honestly, I’m looking for God more in my life. During my prayer time, I ask Him to show up and show off, especially His creativity and personality. Seeing His creations grounds me and gives me peace.


I’m going to a doctor soon to help me improve my health this year. Maybe it’s because I’m getting old, but I really miss having a lot of energy. I feel like I may be deficient in some vitamins.


I still love Jimmy Darts as his videos always give me hope and make me want to give back to my fellow man. I never end a video without tears, his work is that impactful. If you ever feel down, go to his page. You will always, and I mean, ALWAYS be thankful for what you have.

I’ve been loving seeing my friends relish in their success in many ways! From traveling more, to getting a new handbag, it doesn’t matter to me. I’m so happy to see a lot of my friends killing it in their industries and enjoying the fruits of their labor!

Oh, and I still love having my nails done. I don’t like the process as I feel like it’s a waste of time, but I love the results as having a beautiful manicure helps me feel more put together.


I’ve been thinking a lot about my personal style. For me, I have found it difficult dressing my body over the last four years due to my weight gain. And that’s why my fashion content has tapered off. 

Once I release the extra weight, I plan to bring back my fashion content and sprinkle it throughout my socials and on here. For now, I’m thinking about what kind of style I gravitate to that brings me the most confidence. More on this later for sure! 


I’m still hardcore-hating unwarranted comments from people looking to intentionally hate others. I D-E-T-E-S-T, detest when someone puts someone else down or declares that what they do isn’t worthy. 

Nah, bro. That’s your opinion. Your opinion doesn’t mean it’s someone else’s reality.

From the bashing of mothers and saying what they do isn’t a real job to criticizing no-name actors that they’re terrible to saying women should pay when they go on a date with a man because otherwise, they’re gold diggers to bashing Christians for their faith, I can’t even!


Yep, it’s still sleep. And I’m just barely catching up on it now after losing it during Fashion Month!


I struggle with taking breaks from staring at my phone. While I am getting better, I have determined that I’m getting a no-wifi, regular alarm clock so I can leave my phone in another room when I sleep.


My water intake and trying new things this year has improved! I mean, I did take a staycation which I’ve been meaning to do for years. And yes, it felt WEIRD.


This past spring, I learned that things done in the dark will always come to light. ALWAYS. And the people we thought were good, what they’ve done in the dark is about to be revealed. All I can say, is buckle up! Twice, haha!

If I don’t advocate for myself, especially at work, no one really will. Either they won’t care or are too busy to advocate for me. I will definitely write an article about this very soon!

Even though I feel like I haven’t accomplished much this spring, I know I’ve lived in the moment, enjoyed myself, and really loved myself even more so!

Let’s catch up with each other!  Update me and let me know what’s going on with you as of late in the comments below! 

What are some of your favorite 2024 spring reflections?

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